Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh

This Blog is dedicated to give informations to moslemeen and those who courious about Islam around the world. It contain useful softwares and articles that related to Islam. The articles come from various sources and mostly have been edited, unless the sources are mentioned.

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  1. Holly Quran:  Straight Quran  Quran by Words 
  2. Dua for Muslim
  3. Article    : Etiquette(Akhlaq)   Fiqh Aam  Fiqh Nesaa  General Article  History of Islam
  4.                     Faith(Tawheed)
  5. SoftwareAsmaal Husna for Mobile  Athan  Arabic Pads  Hadith  Hesaab  Inheritance  
  6.                     Quran Translation Quran with Tajweed   Salat Time for BB  Tajweed 
  7.                     Baby Planning  Athan for Mobile
  8. MP3 of Holly Quran


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