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Do Amrozy Cs really explode Bali?

There has been deep accusation that Bali was explode by terrorist muslim Amrozy Cs. Is that true? This is another discussion that apparently it was not: http://patriot-american.com/documents/39.html Recently Jeff Nyquist discussed this device on the Steel on Steel Radio Show (www.steelonsteel.com) … Continue reading

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Rukyah or Hisab

Islamic mainstream (madzhab) fiqh in Islam have for a long time state that the only valid way to began Shaum (fasting date) or Iedul Fitriy is by seeing hilal (newmoon), and do not consider hisab (astronomical arithmatics) as the most … Continue reading

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Software Inheritance

This is an applications to count inheritance in islamic way. Verry easy to used even to those who are not familiar with islamic inheritance. Download at: Inheritance

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Software Hisab

This is a calculator to count the beginning of Ramadhan, Syawal or Dzul Hejja .Together with manual, its  very easy to use.  Download at: Software Hisab

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