Do Amrozy Cs really explode Bali?

There has been deep accusation that Bali was explode by terrorist muslim Amrozy Cs. Is that true? This is another discussion that apparently it was not:

Recently Jeff Nyquist discussed this device on the Steel on Steel Radio Show ( with host John Loeffler.  Mercury antimony oxide powder can theoretically be compressed with special technology into a gel which can be used to trigger both conventional and fusion bombs.  It could be used to detonate heavy hydrogen which would produce twice the yield with a one-hundred-fold decrease in the weight of an equivalent fission device fusion bomb.  It would be a perfect fusion bomb with no radioactive fallout.  The only radiation released would be during the fusion reaction.  Current sensors in satellites and on the ground would not be able to detect its transport.  Sam Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb, believes Russia has developed such a red mercury device as do others in the nuclear field.                                         

Russia and China are the main suppliers of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) to nations such as Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and others.  Without our “friends”, Iraq would not have any WMD’s for President Bush to be afraid of.  Are we going after the wrong countries? (See update below)


 If the explosion in Bali was a micro nuclear device, could it have been a red mercury bomb?  There has been no radioactivity discovered, but the massive amount of destruction and the type of destruction would indicate something other than conventional explosives — even large amounts of conventional explosives.  A recent news article attributed the “individuals responsible” for the explosion to having acquired 100 pounds of high explosive.  Could one hundred pounds of conventional high explosive cause that much damage and resultant fire?  Check out the following link to see the story on Bali. (Not all of the conclusions and comments in the article are acknowledged by our website. This is an ongoing investigation.)                                                               

Is this concrete completely stripped from reinforcing bar “rebar”, 50+ feet from ground zero? 

 Although there is enormous damage at Bali, the question remains — what type of bomb was it?  The picture below of the Bali “micro nuke cloud” does not confirm a nuclear explosion.  Careful analysis of the cloud indicates that the orange coloring on the cloud is most likely a reflection of the fire below.  This is a common phenomena.  Compare it to a picture of a real nuclear explosion (albeit much larger) below.  In this picture the bright white heat is in the cloud and reflecting on the dust clouds below.  The question at Bali becomes why such an intense fire is associated with the massive damage.  Most conventional explosives (unless in large quantities) produce no massive fire — unlike what is seen in the movies.

 A large volume of high explosives will create a super-heated fireball which will cause radiant-heat-generated fires (see sequence of pictures below)(100 ton explosion), but massive fires are usually generated by a fuel explosion.  Could it have been a combination of a fuel explosion and conventional explosives?  One thing seems to be certain from the pictures and information available — 100 pounds of conventional explosives was not enough to cause the damage.

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