Wiping after Pee and Deficate in Islam

Concern on wiping after pee and deficate is highly placed in Islam. One of many conditions that is required before praying is the cleanliness of the prayer, in his clothing and genital. Also, those who is not wiping is consider commit a sin that rewarded by Allah’s punishment after the death.

 “Narrated by all hadith writer from Ibn Abbas he told that the prophet had ever walk through  two tombs, then he said: “They are tortured not becaused they were commit in big sins. One of them is punished  because he did not protect himself from the spash of his pee when he was peeing…..”

 That is why the prophet always wipes after pee and deficate. He wipes as far as possible, using water and only in certain condition when there is not, he uses solid material like stones.

 “Narrated by Ahmad, Bukhariy and Muslim from Annas Ibn Maalik, he told that the prophet was entering toilet, and when he was finished I brought him a full of water vessel and a piece of wood, he choosed water to wipe.”

Apparently, he did that because Allah has teached that water is the best material to clean with as He said in Holly Quran:

 ” …..and He (Allah) caused water (rain) to descend on you from the sky, to clean you…..(Al-Anfal:11)”

The question may arise in the countries where there is no water provided in toilet. How should one clean himself afer pee or deficate? Realy Allah never burden His servants with difficulty so that He allows to wipe with solid materials like paper or stone as the prophet said:

“Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawud and Dara Quthni from Aisha, that the prophet was say: when one of you finish from his deficate he should wipe (at least) with 3 stones and its consider enough.”

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