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What is said about Muhammad (pbuh)

During the centuries of the crusades, all sorts of slanders were invented against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). But with the birth of the modern age, marked with religious tolerance and freedom of thought, there has been a great change in the … Continue reading

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How Islam sees Jesus

HIS BIRTH Islam believes that Jesus were birth by Mary (Maryam) not through normal conception, but as a word from Him, as the proof that He has all the intentions: Behold! the angels said: “O Mary! Allah giveth thee glad … Continue reading

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Arabic Pads

Simple and tiny program to write arabic using normal english QWERTY keyboard, to help you when writing in english environment document, and want to insert arabic text. Write-cut-paste from the arabic pads to your document as easy as snapping your … Continue reading

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Contraception in Islam: Is it allowed?

Two form of contraceptions, each of them is viewed differently in Islam. The first are contraceptions where there are involvement from other parties in executing, and second are those that do not. The method that need others to execute, is … Continue reading

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