Who are the occupant of Hell?

  1. Wife that does not grateful to her husband (Bukhari from Ibnu Abbas)
  2. Woman that wearing cloth as if she was not wearing at all, and let everybody see her entire body (Muslim from Abu Huraira)
  3. Man that never go to jihad nor has the intention for jihad in his heart (Bukhari/Muslim/Ahmad from Aba Huraira)
  4. Man/woman that does not eager to hear what Allah say, does not use their intelligence to understand the truth of Islam (Quran al-Mulk 67:10)
  5. Those men and women that deny what Allah say (Quran al_A’raf 7:36)
  6. The hypocrites (Quran at-Tawbah 9:63)
  7. Those who follow astrayed leader (Quran Fussilat 41:25-28)
  8. Man and woman who deal with others arrogantly (Bukhari/Muslim)
  9. Sons/daughters deal to their parent prodigally (Nasa’I from Abdullah ibn Umar)
  10. Man who resembles woman and vice versa (Ahmad/Abu Dawud from Aba Huraira)
  11. Those who eats the wealth of  the fatherless (Quran an-Nisa 4:10)
  12. Those who do not pray (Quran al-Mudatstsir 73:42-43) or pray lazily (Quran al_Maun 107:4-5)
  13. Those men and women that does not protect their mouth and genitals from being used in sins (Thirmidhi)
  14. Those who dies as polytheist (Quran Al-Maidah 5:72)
  15. Those who lies in the name of Islam or deny toward the truth of Islam (Quran Al-Layl 92:14-16)
  16. Those who committed in perjury (Bukhari/Muslim from Abi Bakrah)
  17. Those who kill a moslem (Quran An-Nisa 4:93)
  18. Those who kill themselves (Baihaqi from Aba Huraira)
  19. Those who does a great sin, like drinking khamr(alcoholic drnks),Zina(having sex without married),Riba,etc (Quran an-Najm 53:31-32)
  20. Those who does homosexual/lesbianism (Nasa’i from Ibnu Abbas)
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