Does The Prophet Muhammad saw is a Paedophyl?

It has been a slandered in orientalist that belong to prophet Muhammad’s haters that The Prophet is a “paedophyl” for marrying Aisya in her 9 years of age.

Did Aisya married when she was at 9? To understand, one should know the milestone of Islamic History as follows:

  • pre-610 M: Jahiliya (pre-Islamic era) before the revelation was sent
  • 610 M: First revelation, AbuBakr become a moslem
  • 613 M: Prophet Muhammad begun to tell his society about Islam
  • 615 M: Hijra (went) to Abyssinia.
  • 616 M: Umar bin al Khattab become a moslem.
  • 620 M: The prophet proposed Aisya
  • 622 M: Hijrah to Yathrib (Medina)
  • 623/624 M: The prophet married to Aisya


According toTabari (also according to Hisham ibn `Urwah, Ibn Hunbal and Ibn Sad), Aisya was proposed when she was in her 7 and married at 9 (two years after). But in another notation, Tabari said that : ” All Abu Bakr’s children (there are 4 children including Aisya) was born on the era Jahiliya (pre islamic era) from his two wifes “(Tarikhu’l-umam wa’l-mamlu’k, Al-Tabari (died 922), Vol. 4,p. 50, Arabic, Dara’l-fikr, Beirut, 1979)”.

Aisya was propsed in 620M (she was told at 7 on that day), this means that she was born at 613M. This is already in the islamic era, not in Jahiliya. Had another Tabari’s note was right, Aisya was in her 13 when she was married (9 + [613 – 609]).

CONCLUTION: Aisya was not married when she was 9 but should be older than that.

EVIDENCE#2: Aisya’s age related toFatima’s age

According to Ibn Hajar,Fatimawas born when Ka’aba was rebuilt, when the prophet Muhammad was in his 35.Fatimais 5 years older than Aisya (Al-isabah fi tamyizi’l-sahabah, Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, Vol. 4, p. 377, Maktabatu’l-Riyadh al-haditha, al-Riyadh, 1978).

Had Ibnu Hajar’s statement is a fact, Aisya was born when Nabi saw in his 40 (35+5). Aisya is said being proposed when the prophet is in his 52. This means that Aisya’s age at that time was 12 years (52-40) and was married 2 years after which is when she was in her 14.

CONCLUTION: The story of Aisya’s marriage at her 9 is a myth, does not have its root in history.

EVIDENCE#3: Aisya’s age  related to her sister,  Asma

According to Abda’l-Rahman ibn abi zanna’d: Asma is 10 years older than Aisya (Siyar A`la’ma’l-nubala’, Al-Zahabi, Vol. 2, p. 289, Arabic, Mu’assasatu’l-risalah,Beirut, 1992). According to Ibn Kathir: Asma is 10 years older than her sister, Aisya (Al-Bidayah wa’l-nihayah, Ibn Kathir, Vol. 8, p. 371,Dar al-fikr al-`arabi, > Al-jizah, 1933).

According to Ibn Kathir: Asma was seeing the murder of his son in 73H, and she was dead 10 or 20 days after. She was in her 100 years when died (Al-Bidayah wa’l-nihayah, Ibn Kathir, Vol. 8, p. 372, Dar al-fikr al-`arabi, Al-jizah, 1933). This is confirm to what Ibn Hajar said (Taqribu’l-tehzib, Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani,p. 654, Arabic, Bab fi’l-nisa’, al-harfu’l-alif,Lucknow).

Had Asma died in her 100 years of age at 73H, this means that Asma was in her 27 or 28 of age (100-73)  at the event of Hijra (622M). Then arithmatically, Asma was born on 595M (622-27) and Aisya was born on 605M (595 + 10)

Thus when Aisya was proposed in 620M, she was at her 15 years of age (620 – 605) and was married at 17 (15 + 2).

CONCLUTION: Again, Aisya was not married when she was 9.

EVIDENCE#4: Sura al-Qamar (The Moon)

According to a source narated in Bukhariy, Aisya said: ” I was a young girl (jariyya in Arabic term) when Sura Al-Qamar was revelated” (Sahih Bukhari, kitabu’l-tafsir, Bab Qaulihi Bal al-sa`atu Maw`iduhum wa’l-sa`atu adha’ wa amarr).

The 54th sura of the Holly Quran was revelated eight years before Hijra (The Bounteous Koran, M.M. Khatib, 1985) or on 614M. If the story of Aisya’s married at 9 is correct, this means that Aisya was born on 615M (624 – 9), thus she was a baby (sibyah in Arabic term), not a young girl (jariyya) when sura Al-Qamar was revelated. (Jariyya means young girl that still love to play – Lane’s Arabic English Lexicon), which logically between 6 – 10 ten years of age. Thus when she was married on 624M she should be in her 15 – 19 years of age.

CONCLUTION: Aisya was not married when she was 9.

It is proven then that The Prophet Muhammad saw was marrying Aisya when she was a virgin in her 14 – 19 years of age, not in her 9 years of age. Thus the slander that addressed toward the Prophet that He is a Paedophyl is a not true based on the history.

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